So Sweet, So Lucky.

First off, a quick disclaimer.  I am wearing no helmet which I normally always do wether in the arena or on the trail.  I believe it’s dangerous not to wear one while mounted and I would strongly suggest anyone to wear one. 

Although I feel completely safe on my near bomb-proof 27 year old, it’s still no excuse for me not to have one on.  I forgot it at the barn :(.  I know, no excuses..

Errika spent the weekend, from Friday to Wednesday having a “sleep-over” at the barn (WCS, where Reason is and Ink was boarded and the horses were boarded last year).  Errika’s barn mates at the barn in the hills, left for a rodeo and I didn’t want to leave Errika up there alone. 

Errika was a great girl on the tow over and when she arrived, she stepped off the trailer with an ease of familiarity on her face.  She stayed in a grazing paddock that runs the length of the bottom of the upper paddocks.  She stayed with her old paddock-mate KC, who is an older cougar mare herself ;).

As soon as I put Errika into the paddock, her and KC greeted each-other, as if they’d been together all the time and walked off and ate grass.  The sight of those two remebering each-other and were completely at ease, was so sweet to see!

Errika enjoyed a quiet day grazing before that evening’s, Full Moon Rider’s Club, at the barn.  It was lots of fun!  Errika was being a little wild when I went to go actually ride her in the arena, but she was understandably un-interested in doing any such thing in there. 

The next day I rode her bareback around the property.  But I think she truly enjoyed just being a pasture pet, getting a grass belly with her friend, lol. 

Yesterday, it was time for Errika to return to the barn in the hills.  And I figured, since it was on our way, we would stop at my house to take a short ride around the neighborhood.  Ever since I’ve owned Errika, I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!  I wish we could have went on a longer ride and hung out longer, but it was still LOTS of fun!  

Errika is a very herd-bound horse, but since Ink and her were seperated, I’ve noticed a change in her.  I clung pretty close to her after Ink’s passing and being with her helped me move forward.  I really wanted to develop a closer bond with her again.  Since she’s been with Ink and when I was riding him a lot, Errika and I haven’t been as close as we used to be.  So I think that after Ink’s passing, it was really a blessing and a great time to re-kindle (lol) our relationship.  

So when I un-loaded Errika at my house, I was delightfully pleased to see how calm and curious she was.  Such a good girl!  I mounted up bareback and took a spin around the block.  She was so good!!  I have loved doing all these fun and different things with her and I know she does too.  

This weekend, A* & I are going to take the horses on another adventure.  We haven’t decided what exactly, but it’s going to be something new & fun.  (:  

I’m so thankful to have Errika.  


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