Everything Happens For A Reason. Lets Begin!

EDIT:  Reason has his own blog space here on INKEQ.COM.  You can find it by going to the navigation bar just above and clicking Reason’s Blog or go to http://www.inkeq.com/reasons-blog/

Well I did come up with a new name for the new horse; Reason!  I was thinking about the phrase, or saying, “everything happens for a reason.”  It seemed the to fit my life, what happened and what is happening.  I’ve always believed in that saying.  My Grandma O. believed very much in it too.  I had to come up with something very meaningful afterall.  I had to do Ink proud.  And I think I did.  Originally I had come up with the Italian version of “Reason.”  Ragione.  I’m not sure if I’ll stick with it or not, but for now, I’m just calling him Reason. 

The first couple days of owning Reason, I have to admit were personally very difficult.  Everything smeed so familiar.  Everything about Reason’s track-ness reminded me so much of what I had experienced with Ink.  And even though Reason is much more innocent, approachable and sweet, than Ink was in the beginning, I was constantly being reminded of those first, un-predictable, un-known days with Ink.  I started the blog about Ink about a month + after I owned him and I made the mistake of not documenting out those first 40 or so days.  (Although I am a little behind with Reason’s progress, I plan on being more thorough through these first few months.)

I was so confident, so sure of what I knew Ink was.  But he had a lot of scars and bruises visible on the outside.  It took a lot of convincing and much time to get people to even believe in me.  And in the beginning I was very much alone in what I felt and believed in.  I knew the amazing horse beneath the front.  Ink was not an easy horse to get to know.  It took a lot of letting him be him while encouraging him to let me in before he would even care much about who or what I was about.  He was defiantly an independent horse.  He had a rough, tough, don’t care attitude, much like a troubled teen I supposed.  I had to open myself to see his way, before I could attempt to be welcomed.  Once that happened, things fell smoothly into place.  He tested to high heaven, pushed me outside of my comfort zone and made me work for everything and for all of him, but in the end, nearly 4 years later, I truly felt we made it.  I understood him, he understood me.  He went from an intimidating, independent horse to the horse I could trust to carry me and be with and even do things that four years ago were just out of the question.  He was so special and he is proof in the great things that can happen when you do believe.  I am beyond thankful, that we were able to get to that place before he passed.  

Each day I feel Ink with me.  Silently I confide in him to carry me forward with my new horse.  I remember things that I experienced with Ink and it gives me strength to push myself and be the best I can be for Reason.  I see so much of the same spirit in Reason.


I’ve been thinking about the blog.  It will stay at inkeq.com but I think I might start a separate blog within the site to write about Reason.  So then it will begin a new archive but still be all located in one location.

I’ll let you all know soon.  And regular posts about Reason are coming! 🙂


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