Nothing Gold Can Stay

Thank you to K*, who sent me a nice card, amongst other things you’ll see soon, wrote down this poem by Robert Frost, titled, Nothing Gold Can Stay.  It was perfect.  It reads at the end of the video below.

I made Ink a memorial video.  It was hard to put together.  I am glad I was home alone, because tears fell like they hadn’t since the days after his passing.  The music is Fields of Gold sung by the beautiful, harmonious voice of Eva Cassidy.  I picked this song because I felt that it was just right for Ink.  He took me through fields of gold.  And it just so happened to come together perfectly with the poem.  I couldn’t make a longer video because it was hard enough just doing 5 minutes.  I wanted to make it very personal and I hope you enjoy this added glimpse into Ink’s life. 




4 thoughts on “Nothing Gold Can Stay

  1. Christine Corker & Mystical Merlin

    WOW. You are the strongest person I know!!!! The video I don't know what to say but I cried all the way through. You truly have a gift!Christine & Merly

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