Goodbye My Boy.

It is with a heavy heart, I am saddened to write, Ink passed away last night.  Three months, to the day, past his 11th birthday.  I am still in a somewhat state of shock, trying to understand, gather and process what happened.  I will write more as the days proceed, but for now, I wanted you all to know what has happened.  Thank you for your support and words.  And thank you to the people who stood along side me throughout this.  

Goodbye my love, my boy, my friend, my special Ink.  I will always remember you for your strength, courage and determination.  I am blessed and thankful for the time we had together.

xoxo  your number one fan, your mom, Keri.


14 thoughts on “Goodbye My Boy.

  1. Keri, I am so very sorry. I can't even imagine how you must feel.Please know my thoughts are with you right now and if there is ANYTHING (really) I can do, please know you can ask.FYI, Katie is my daughter and she was also very sad for you and for Ink.

  2. Oh, Keri, I'm SO sorry to hear about Ink! I've been following your adventures with him for ages and he was such a handsome, fun boy. He will be missed by his cyber friends! And my thoughts are with you.

  3. Mel

    So very sorry. I think most of us here have, at some point, have experienced a loss of a very special horse – I hope that makes you feel you are not alone. We are there, holding your hand through this difficult time. We are here for you.

  4. Ashley

    Keri, im so sorry about ink. I know he was your baby and how much u loved him. Heck, how could someone not, in the time he was with my horses i fell inlove with that boy. He will never be forgotten. xoxox

  5. Christine Corker & Mystical Merlin

    To my DEAR FRIEND~~KERI SIMPSON~~ My heart is filled with sadness, a VERY BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL MR INK has left this world. You gave him the BEST part of his life by showing him he could be a REAL HORSE and more then anything IT IS OK TO BE LOVED and to LOVE HUMANS/YOU BACK. And that you did very well! My heart is filled w/ sadness in that I will not see him again for awhile but more then anything HOW YOU ARE FEELING. The Corker Clan and Mystical Merlin will always hold you close to our hearts! ~~ MR. INK may you RIP cradled in Gods arms~~The tears are flowing very hard…

  6. My heart breaks for you. I “met” Ink when you shared his amazing race video and knew you had a very special boy. I enjoyed following your journey together. It sounds like you did everything you could for him and you stayed with him while he was sick — that is so important. My deepest sympathy. It is something we all dread but something we all face.

  7. Gay

    Keri. I searched for Ink when I heard you were back at the ranch, but was never able to find him. Now I will always see and feel him in my heart. He was a being with great integrity, strength, and beauty. He gave you so much, and left it all inside of you as he found his way Home. You were blessed to love him. He was blessed to be loved by you. Some things end. Some things never do. The feelings that you experienced through him are yours forever. I have wrapped a veil of peace around your heart and a welcome Home sign around his neck. With love, Gay

  8. I am so, so so so sorry.I am a Mom of a soon to be 9 yr old OTTB and I know how horribly painful your journey is. I'm so sorry you lost your Ink, but I hope you are able to find some small amount of comfort in the fact that you loved that sweet boy until the end. That is something so many horses (especially OTTB's) never have in their lives.You will carry his life in your heart always.xo

  9. Kitty Bo

    Every time I read of this, I cry. I put down my heart horse in Nov. My heart goes out to you, Kerri. There really are no words.

  10. I am in hysterics and crying..OHHHHWA! What…all I can say is Keri..My hearts is going 0ut to you and I am so so very sorry for this rendering news…I too lost a beloved recently..and it did make me wonder if I could survive losing my mare..someday.Oh sweet, truly broken over this .Beautiful and loverly INK, you were the joy and flame of Keri's heart…you knew it always, I saw it in your eyes and by your willing spirit towards all she asked of you…willing, you were willing to take her anywhere and do anything she asked. Trusting, you always trusted her to do the best with you~ She did .Keri…love you and praying for you and the enormity of loss and void…kiss and hug Erika and let her heal your heart.He LOVED you back!KacyK

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